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On 11 May 2023, the Cultural Research Data Academy held a workshop on "Audiovisual (Research) Data – Application Areas and Analysis Tools" as part of its series of FDM Basic Courses. Together with speakers from the NFDI4Culture community, such as Dr. Kristina Richts-Matthaei (Standards, Data Quality and Curation) and Dr. Josephine Diecke (Digital Cinema-Hub-Project), specific terminologies such as "audiovisual (research) data" were discussed together, and the standards and metadata and selected repositories in this field were presented. In addition, our training team focused on selected visualization and annotation tools, which were framed by a presentation of the FAIR and CARE principles. The aim of this workshop was to provide participants with a basic overview of the range of audiovisual (research) data in the context of research data management and data and code literacy, as well as to enable the exchange of experiences in different areas of application and work. In the course of the discussions, further interest emerged in specific repositories, the handling of audiovisual research data and legal questions regarding audio data.

In total, more than 60 interested participants from different institutions took part in the workshop, from the GLAM sector as well as the university context. The expectations, which were identified in advance, ranged from a general introduction to the topic to interest in metadata standards and practical examples (best practices) as well as to legal requirements and long-term archiving. Given the thematic range and the limited time available, not everything could be covered in this introductory event. The survey and feedback serve the team of the Cultural Research Data Academy as a productive basis for the design of further courses - we are also pleased about the request for more specific trainings and are happy to refer to other workshops in our consortium as well.

The presentation are available to download here:

We will offer further online courses with different data-specific modules on the eve of our forum event "PERFORMANCE – PRODUCTION – DATA: Modeling and Communicating Event-related Information" (14–15.09.2023) in cooperation with the task area "Standards, Data Quality and Curation" at the University of Leipzig. In this context, we would like to refer to the upcoming workshop series "Improving Sustainability in Four Steps. Data Quality Strategies for Museums and Collections" (16.06–07.07.2023).