Forum for Digitisation and Enrichment

We are exploring the topics of digitisation and enrichment together with our communities, focusing primarily on participatory formats and dialogue.

Sculpture Thinker With VR Glasses Desintegrated Into 3D Pixels On Blue Background

The overarching goal of task area "Data Capture & Enrichment" is to coordinate and promote the digitisation and continuous enrichment of cultural heritage with the requirements of researchers, GLAM experts and various other target groups. To achieve this, we focus primarily on participatory exchange formats and networking within the community. 

Our annual main forum event is traditionally held as a barcamp, but we also organize workshop formats, information events, booksprints, and hackathons. Our forum focuses on the intensive exchange of ideas and bottom-up learning processes in order to create a lively discussion platform for current developments and best practices in the research data landscape. We believe it is important to organize our events in cooperation, for example with partners from our community, FIDs or other NFDI consortia, and to focus on current topics.

Our forum offers the opportunity to explore innovative approaches and promote new initiatives. It serves not only as a source of knowledge, but also as a space to analyze, cultivate and further develop best practices. The Digitization and Enrichment Forum is thus a central platform for academic dialogue and the joint shaping of the digital future in the context of cultural heritage.



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