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  1. Presentation: Semantic annotation for 3D cultural artefacts: MVP
  2. Conference Poster: Beyond the render silo: semantically annotating 3D data within an integrated knowledge graph and 3D-rendering toolchain
  3. Abstract: How to semantically annotate 3D models of non-textual cultural heritage? A new FOSS toolchain for the Digital Humanities
  4. Presentation: Wikibase and the challenges and possibilities of knowledge graphs for RDM in NFDI4Culture
  5. Conference Paper: Beyond the render silo - Semantically annotating 3D data within an integrated knowledge graph and 3D-rendering toolchain
  6. Presentation: 3D Heritage Data Interaction and Enrichment
  7. Blog Post: Some things we care about for NFDI4Culture – Or: We want better tools and workflows for annotating images and 3D models!
  8. Proposition: Sektionskonzept Meta(daten), Terminologien und Provenienz zur Einrichtung einer Sektion im Verein Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastruktur (NFDI) e.V.
  9. Conference Proceedings: Collaborative annotation and semantic enrichment of 3D media: a FOSS toolchain
  10. Research Paper: Digitalisierung des Kulturellen und digitale Arbeitskultur im Forschungsverbund NFDI4Culture. Community-Arbeit an, durch und mit fachspezifischen Datenkorpora und Elementen der FDM-Infrastruktur
  11. Workshop Proceedings: Wikidata and Wikibase as complementary research data management services for cultural heritage data
  12. Conference Poster: Baroque AI
  13. Conference Poster: Search, Link, Integrate: The User-Centered Approach in Developing NFDI4Culture's Antelope (Annotation & Terminology) Service