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Research tools and data services

Within the context of research on material and immaterial cultural assets, research tools and data services are used to generate, analyse, administer, distribute, publish, and make data available in the long term. Therefore, they are crucial instruments for managing research data sustainably. At the same time, software (i.e. code, documentation) is itself research data and thus the subject of a research data management (RDM) strategy.

Researchers, software users, developers and providers can benefit from the services of NFDI4Culture by finding suitable and accessible software for their research. Scholars formulate their needs while participating in the conception and (further) development of appropriate tools and services. Through NFDI4Culture, researchers and institutions dealing with software get support in the development, consolidation and certification of sustainable, interoperable solutions. This allows for a simplified use of relevant research tools and data services in various environments (e.g. cloud, server, individual).


Dr. Lisa Dieckmann

Universität zu Köln


Dr. Martin Albrecht-Hohmaier

Universität Paderborn

Anne Ferger, M.A.

Universität Paderborn

Franziska Fritzsche, M.A.

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Daniel Jettka, M.A.

Universität Paderborn

Aleksander Marčić, M.A.

Universität zu Köln

Sven Peter, M.A., M.Sc.

Universität zu Köln

Astrid Probst, M. Sc.

Sächsische Landesbibliothek – Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden

Sabrina Ujkasevic, M.A.

Universität zu Köln

Anastasia Wawilow, M.Sc.

Universität Paderborn

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